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All of Me - Chapter 57

“Is Skye your daughter?” the question lingering in the air for a long moment as silence followed. Maria had her arms folded as she glanced from Melinda to Phil and back again. They were looking at her with mixed emotion that she couldn’t work out what they were feeling.  

Skye was looking at her parents as she felt all the mixed emotion in the room. She could sense the curiosity and confusion from the Deputy Director. She turned her eyes from her parents and fixed them on the older brunette standing opposite them.

Melinda had haltered for a moment in her spot once that question had been asked before joining Phil’s side, inches between them. He automatically placed his hand on the small of her back, offering his support.

Maria’s eyes widened a little with surprise when she noticed the intimate touch. “You two are officially back together?” she guessed, expressionless.

The two senior agents nodded back and a ghost of a smile drifted across their lips. 

A slow smile drifted across the Deputy Director’s lips. “About damn time,” she told them as her mouth broke out into a full smile. “It took you long enough. I never thought I’d see the day where you both realize you still love each other. I am guessing this happened around the time Mel got shot since Phil was practically being a protective watch dog during that time,” she expressed, speaking at a rapid speed.

Phil and Skye grinned widely and Melinda rolled her eyes at her former S.Os comment.

“Yes,” Phil answered warmly. “Well, technically we had discussed ‘us’ a few hours before she was shot but if you want to be offical - than yes. And Fury knows, found out during our stay at Dwight’s and pretty much reacted the same way as you. Like father, like daughter,” he teased. 

Maria dropped her arms and placed a hand on hip as the other laid by her side. A smile played at her lips at the like father, like daughter comment. “How did you expect him to react? Do you really think he would split you two up? Phil, you’re practically his surrogate son, along Dwight, Clint and at times - Garret. Fury made be a hardass, but like any parent - at the end of the day he just wants to see his kids happy. He loves both you and Mel, even though he has a strange way of showing it. Fury is the only father figure I’ve known,” she expressed, earnestly.

Melinda and Phil shared a look with the Deputy Director, both knowing about her real father and what a scum he had been to Maria growing up.

“Now, care to answer my previous question?” she inquired, switching back to her Commander tone.

“Yes,” the couple finally answered after a moment. The two senior agents had no intentions of lying to their old friend. They knew that they could trust Maria with the knowledge of their daughter. She was family.

Maria was stunned. How was this possible? Their child died. Hadn’t she? Stillborn. That’s what Melinda’s file said. “How?” the word slipped from her lips as she turned her eyes towards the young brunette agents. She could see the similarities of her two friend in the younger woman. 

“It’s a long story,” Phil added, releasing a heavy sigh. “But we couldn’t be more happier that we have our daughter back,” he expressed, turning his to the left where Skye was standing beside him and smiled warmly at her. She was looking towards Maria.

“I’ve got time,” Maria informed them.

“You’re gonna wanna take a seat,” Melinda informed her former Rookie as she gestured towards the open lounge area.

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