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All of Me - CHAPTER 48

Dwight’s Office - 08:13 am

Clint, Natasha and Maria were seated on the couch just off from the door as they all looking at the Director. The three were curious to why their boss had called them into Dwight’s office for a private meeting only a few minutes ago.

Nick was looking at the three younger agents sitting before him. He had been thinking long and hard about his decision since meeting the five year old last night. He just hoped that these three understand his reasoning behind it. “I’ve asked the three of you in here to discuss young Lily’s future placement,” he voiced, pragmatic.

Clint and Natasha turned their gazes on one another, confusion etched across their faces. Why are we here? was a shared thought between them.

“I actually wanted to talk to you about that, Uncle Nick,” Maria expressed with assertiveness. She knew that she still had to discuss it with her girlfriend, but didn’t want to bring up the subject until she cleared it with the Director. “I wanna adopt Lily.”

Nick inhaled a sharp breath when he heard his great nieces proclamation. He knew that the young agent had a big heart and had grown a quick attachment to the child. “I had a feeling that you were gonna say that,” he said. “But I think it would be best if Clint and Natasha became Lily’s legal protective guardians,” he voiced, earnestly.

“What?” the three agents exclaimed, collectively.  

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  • Track Name

    Only Love Can Hurt Like This

  • Album

    A Perfect Contradiction

  • Artist

    Paloma Faith

"I tell myself it don’t mean a thing, and what we got, got no hold on me. But when you’re not there, I just crumble. I tell myself I don’t care that much,  ut I feel like I’d die till I feel your touch … Only love. Only love can hurt like this. Only love can hurt like this. Must have been a deadly kiss … Only love can hurt like this."

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