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All of Me - Chapter 53

Palm Beach -13:03 p.m - Townhouse

Maria pulled open the door to her aunt and uncle standing on her front porch with Lillian between them. She had received a call from from her aunt twenty odd minutes ago informing her that they needed to see her ASAP. She wouldn’t go into details because even though it was a secure line, you could never be too careful.  

“Okay … what’s wrong?” the young blue eyed brunette asked the two assassins. She dropped her eyes down to the blonde little girl who smiled the moment she saw her. “Hey sweetheart,” she greeted the five year old.

“Can we come in?” Natasha requested as she looked downwards towards Lillian.

Maria was now a little concerned and nodded her head, stepping aside allowing the two S.H.I.E.L.D assassins and child walk past her and into the townhouse. She then closed the door and locked it.

“Greeting Natasha and Clint,” A.I.S.A greeted in her thick queenslander accent.    

Lillian jumped at the sound of the female voice that she couldn’t see. Her eyes began searching the room for the owner of the voice but couldn’t see anyone.

“I see we have a new guest,” A.I.S.A announced in a friendly chipper tone. “Female, approximately age five. Blue eyes, blonde hair with accelerated heartbeat,” she supplied after doing her biometric scan of the new visitor. “I think I scared her.”

Clint gave the girl’s shoulder a squeeze as he squatted down beside her. “Lil, that’s just A.I.S.A,” he told her in a gentle tone. “She a virtual assistant and helps run the house and lab but you cannot see her because she’s not a person. She’s a very smart computer program,” he revealed, doing his best to explain advanced technology to a five year old.  

Natasha let her eyes glanced around the open foyer that led off to different rooms of the townhouse and a set of stairs that led up to the second floor. “Where’s Sienna?” she requested with curiosity.

“She got called into The Hut,” A.I.S.A supplied, referring to the Queensland version of ‘The Hub’. “She is not expected back until tonight.”

Lillian jumped again at the sound of the voice.

“Damn it, I think I scared her again,” A.I.S.A supplied, a-matter-a-factly. “Sorry Lil.”

Natasha felt a smile drift across her lips at the AI’s response. A.I.S.A was built to think like Maria which often meant that she would speak before requested or point something out that she thought was necessary. Her personality was totally different from Tony Stark’s AI. J.A.R.V.I.S was formal and proper where A.I.S.A was more casual and laid back. It was how Maria programed her to be. She wanted someone she could relate to.

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    Lucky Me

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    Bachelor Girl

'I think I wanna join the Hare Krishnas. Give up all my worldly goods, cut off all my hair. There’s nothin’ that I have right now, brings me any joy. When I’m shopping at the mall, can’t find it anywhere … But I’ve got my tamagotchi. And I’ve got my wristwatch phone. I got so many friends on the Internet. I could never be alone/ I’ve got just enough cash to pay a lot of tax, but not enough to quit my job. Got a fool’s gold ring, credit card debt. Psychiatrist for my dog

Lucky me … Lucky, lucky little old me. I have everything in this whole wide world a girl could ever need, lucky me


"How’s training been going?" Director Fury asked.

"It’s been going, sir," Clint replied. Director Fury’s mouth twitched into what looked like the beginnings of a smile, but the smile was gone as quickly as it’d appeared.

"I can only imagine," he said. He redirected his gaze towards Natasha.

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